April Wardrobe Challenge Wrap-Up


shoes – shoe company ; pants – banana republic ; black tank – gap ; chambray shirt – gap

I can’t believe how fast April went by!  Seriously.  And how do I feel now that April is over and I can once again wear any clothes that my heart desires?  Let’s put it this way, when I got dressed for work this morning, I chose only clothes that had been included in my challenge.  Does this mean I am going to continue on dressing with a minimal wardrobe?  Absolutely!

To be quite honest, I really didn’t struggle with this challenge.  Maybe it’s because I once lived out of a suitcase for a year and am no stranger to having very limited options when it comes to clothes.  This challenge was perhaps easier than the other times in my life that I’ve had to live with a minimal wardrobe (aka when I’m traveling) because I didn’t include lounge wear, workout clothes, etc. in my challenge.  When I’ve gone traveling, I’ve had to include ALL of these things.  I’ve even been faced with the challenge of living out of a backpack for a month when I also had to pack a tent, sleeping back, mattress, hiking boots, and other camping gear.  Everything had to fit into one backpack and I had to make sure it was all light enough that I could carry it.  Needless to say I ended up packing very few clothes and doing a lot of laundry.  Compared to that experience, my April Wardrobe Challenge was a breeze.

What did I learn from this challenge? And what are the benefits of doing a challenge like this?

1.  April in the lower mainland is definitely not as warm as April in the Okanagan and therefore I shouldn’t have bothered including shorts and my romper in this challenge.  These were the only 2 items that I never once wore.

2.  I now have a specific list of items that I need (well, not “need” in the sense like I need oxygen or food or water) for my wardrobe.  For example, I realized during this challenge that I don’t have any dark wash jeans that fit me.  I’m not saying I’m going to go out and specifically look for a pair of dark wash jeans, but from now on I will consider a good fitting pair of dark wash jeans to be an acceptable purchase if I find some I love.

3.  I don’t like boyfriend jeans.  I really like them on other people, I really do.  But they’re just not for me.  I included my pair in my April challenge as a way to force myself to wear them, but I ended up just avoiding wearing them.  They will definitely be joining my pile of “to donate” clothes.

4.  I never once found myself reaching for my boxed up clothing, with the exception of my going-out outfit on my birthday.

5.  I really like stripes, apparently.

In summary, my April Challenge was a success and I would highly encourage anyone who is even remotely considering a capsule wardrobe to do a challenge like this.  What do you think? Would you be up to the challenge?  Leave me a comment below!



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