April Update and New Outfits

Hey everyone, I thought I’d write a quick post to update you on my April Wardrobe Challenge.  So far all is going great.  I’m really loving how easy it is to get dressed in the morning, mainly because I don’t have a lot of clothes to choose from.  Also, now that I’ve figured out a few different outfits that look great, I’ve started falling back onto those outfits and wearing them over again.  That’s why I haven’t uploaded many new outfit posts lately, because a lot of the outfits I’ve been wearing have been repeats.  Here are just a few new outfits I’ve put together and worn over the last week:

IMG_2156 IMG_2172

boots – call it spring ; skirt and sweater – banana republic

IMG_2189 IMG_2205

shoes – converse ; pants and tee – banana republic ; jean jacket – american eagle

IMG_2216 IMG_2234

ankle boots – toms ; dress – nordstrom rack ; jean jacket – american eagle



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